воскресенье, 30 сентября 2012 г.

That decision of your lifetime

New Chapter... I guess, it's better late,than never, right?

What I really want now is to remember this right moment, that I think I've decided something real important, the decision of the lifetime as they say sometime, so I just wanna write this down, so when I'll go back, I will without a doubt know that it was and it is, I hope, something that is true and there's even no need in doubting it ever. Right now, I'm a bit confused, but I think it's okay to be, because that means that you care about it so much that you can think about it over and over again. That's a good thing I believe.
You know when, in life, you are standing in that exact point when your whole life is going to completely change and that decision that you gonna make now, will be your future.
But, I can assure you, yes, you! that if what you are choosing is something that you really want,despite of all the circumstances, if it is something that gives you passion even when you simply think of it, then don't even doubt, this is the right thing for you. Go for it!